Cheese Slicer Arty Poster

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Size: 50×70 cm

Printed on high quality paper.

Product does not come with frame.

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The French are known for their cheeses, but a Norwegian invented osthøvelen (the cheese slicer).  Although some sorts of ostehøvler have been around in Europe for ages, it was not until 1925 that Thor Bjørklund, a Norwegian carpenter from Lillehammer, patented osthøvelen.

Do you wonder why this carpenter invented something to slice cheese with?  He was frustrated by not being able to slice cheese thinly enough, so  he toyed with the ´carpenter´s plane´and then applied it to cheese.  Brilliant idea!  I have  had the occasion several times to cut cheese with a knife, and it really does not compare to a good ostehøvel.

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